Alanya Atatürk House and Museum, Closed for 4 Years
CHP Alanya District Administration gathered in front of Alanya Atatürk House and Museum, which has been closed for four years, and said, “Enough is enough, open this museum to visitors.”
The mansion where the founder of the Republic, the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was hosted during his visit to Alanya on February 18, 1934 was later designed as Atatürk House and Museum and opened to visitors. The items found in the house where Atatürk visited and rested for a while were preserved exactly as they were that day.
In the mansion, which started to be restored in recent years, no work has been done in the last three years and it has been closed to visitors.
On September 9th, the anniversary of the founding of the Republican People’s Party, the district administration reacted and made a press statement in front of the Ataturk House and Museum. The statement included the following statements. “We met at Atatürk House on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of our party. For 3 years, this relic has been closed to visitors on the grounds of renovation, and we expect the renovation work to be completed and opened to visitors as soon as possible.”
CHP Alanya Deputy District Deputy Av. Mehmet Can Karagöz expressed his reaction on his social media account as follows “The house of our ancestor is the house of our people. Unfortunately, Alanya Atatürk House has been closed and idle for years under the pretext of restoration. When our friends from out of town want to visit and ask us why it is closed, we do not have a single answer to give. In the 100th anniversary of our Republic and our party, we can only commemorate our ancestor from the doorstep.
This shame is more than enough for its owners. In our second century, those who do not protect our history and culture will be wiped out. When our Atatürk House opens, we will come even more crowded and with even more enthusiasm.”
News: Zeki Demir


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