The premiere of the ninety-minute Nasreddin Hoca film shot in Burdur and Alanya will take place on September 16 at Alanya Cultural Center A Hall.

The premiere of the film in which Alanya journalist actor Zeki Demir portrayed Nasreddin Hoca will take place on September 16 at Alanya Cultural Center A Hall.
The script written by Ayhan Tat from the jokes of the famous Turkish humor hero Nasreddin Hoca was filmed by Kezban Yücesan and Ayhan Tat on behalf of Güneş Filmcilik. In the ninety-minute Nasreddin Hoca movie directed by Engin Temizer, about seventy jokes were interspersed in the movie. The filming continued in Salda town and Salda lake in Yeşilova district of Burdur and was completed in Alanya.
Zeki Demir played Nasreddin Hoca in the movie. More than thirty actors including Tendü Hepkeskin, Bülent Ünsur, İlhan Örenel, Abdullah Duran, Süleyman Bağlı, Hafize Ünlücan, Bülent Akkaş, Ayfer Uğurluoğlu, Kazım Adıyaman, Nuri Dilek, Hatice Akil, Selma Koruk, Musa Yılmaz, Esra Bozkaya, Canan Aktop took part in the ninety-minute film.
The cinematographers of the movie are Talip Şahin and Vedat Karadeniz.
On September 16, there will be two free screenings at 15:30 and 18:30 at Alanya Cultural Center A Hall.
It was stated that everyone who loves Nasreddin Hoca is invited to the movie.

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