Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ALTSO) President Eray Erdem fulfilled one of his promises before the ALTSO elections.

With the initiatives of President Erdem, the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office Information and Document Unit was opened in ALTSO.

President Erdem’s statement on the subject is as follows: “Before coming to office, we promised that we would work on the branding of companies and thus increase the brand value of our Alanya. For this purpose, I would like to share the good news that the work we have been carrying out for a while has been finalized. We have brought the Information and Document Unit of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office to our Alanya and put it into service within our chamber. In our unit, our friends who specialize in trademark and patent issues will share information and guidance to company officials. We believe that the branding of the companies in our beautiful Alanya will make significant contributions to the brand value of our city. Branding allows companies to survive in difficult economic conditions and to get more share from the market and achieve success by showing continuous development. Increasing brand awareness helps consumers to become more familiar with your products and services, while helping to reach wider audiences. When your brand is followed and recognized by more people, your chances of increasing your sales increase and over time you start to become a brand that consumers begin to trust. We attach importance to the branding of business people in Alanya. I wish that the unit we have opened with our belief that branding has a great share in their ability to produce admirable success stories in business life will be auspicious and auspicious for our Alanya. We will continue to work for our Alanya, for our business people and to show our best efforts in the coming period.”


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