It is a badge that verifies that the company information in Alanya Directory is real and reliable. green Tick shows a green check mark next to the account holder’s company name.

To get a Green Tick, the company must meet the following criteria:

The company belongs to a real person, organization or brand
Company phone number verified
The company was contacted for company introduction information and the information was verified.
The company was contacted while evaluating the Green Tick applications.

The advantages of Green Tick are as follows:

Green tick is a premium company, which means that the company’s information has been verified. This gives more confidence in the content of the company information.
Green Tick shows the popularity and influence of the company.
Green Tick, with its Premium feature that will be renewed every year, allows our site to stand out in categories in company searches. This allows the company to reach and be recognized by more people.

Green Tick Premium membership must be renewed every year

Green Tik ranks you high in every category and search and is limited to 10 companies in each category

With Green Click and Premium Membership, your company will take you to the top in the category or in the case of a company with a similar name.

Green tick will help you to be more easily recognized in search engines such as google etc. and help you to rank higher in search engines.

Requirements to get the Green Tick

To get the Green Tick, you must be a Premium member to be renewed every year, contact the Alanya Guide site manager or editor and request an appointment from us to review your company.

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