Alanya Mayor Candidate Mehmet Şahin shows great interest to citizens in all his visits.
Five months before the local elections, mayoral candidates in Alanya have come to the square. Although there is not yet a party he represents, Mehmet Şahin, the former President of Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has come to the square with his strong working staff. Sahin and his staff
While participating in all the events in Alanya and the neighborhoods in a crowded manner, he also receives intense interest from the citizens.
After the middle of October, the Party for which Şahin will be a candidate is expected to be finalized, while Şahin shakes the hands of thousands of voters and citizens every day and makes conversations. Alanya Mayoral Candidate Mehmet Şahin, who spends a lot of time by attending weddings, engagements, funerals, openings, Mevlüt, and various events, sometimes more than five or six times a day, said: “It makes me and my colleagues extremely happy to be with our people, to shake their hands, to share the same environment, to listen to their wishes and wishes. If God grants me the mayorship, we will manage Alanya, our paradise city, together. We will work for the services to reach our people the easiest and to find solutions.”
Mehmet Şahin and his colleagues were welcomed by the Club President Mehmet Okyonus and the management at the event of Demirtaş Sports Club and received great interest.
In the meantime, Şahin, who has provided two ambulances for the use of the people in the eastern and western plateaus of Alanya, distributes hats to everyone, hats, airplanes, dolls and toy ambulances to children and draws great attention.
News: Zeki Demir

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