Mayor of Marbella, Spain, Maria Angeles Munoz visited Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel. Mayor Yücel served Alanya’s local dishes to the Spanish delegation at Alanya Castle.

Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel, Mayor of Marbella, Spain, Maria Angeles Munoz and the accompanying delegation hosted the delegation. First of all, they visited Alanya Municipality and welcomed President Munoz in his office.
President Yücel welcomed the economic, commercial and tourism relations between the two countries.
They chatted about their activities. He said that he liked Alanya very much and stating that it is a big city, Munoz asked Mayor Yücel for his work and
received information about their projects. President Yücel was also informed about the projects
Marbella and Alanya are cities that are similar in many ways and thanked Munoz and his team for their visit.

President Yücel then thanked President Munoz and his team were invited to Alanya’s historical Alanya Castle under the Red Tower.
served some of their delicacies. The delegation, who all had dinner together, enjoyed the local delicacies of Alanya.
they liked the food very much. President Yücel told the Spanish delegation about the history of Alanya
and also gave information about its features.


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